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Tracie Thoms Livejournal Community

For fans of Ms. Tracie Thoms

For fans of Ms. Tracie Thoms :)
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Tracie Thoms
Welcome to the Tracie Thoms fans community on Livejournal.
There are already a few Tracie communities in existance but most of them haven't been updated in awhile. Meanwhile, Tracie is doing more & more and I thought that all the Tracie fans of LJ should have a community to discuss all things Tracie. And so, tracie_fans was born.

Quick Rules:
1. Try to mainly keep it on topic. After all, we're here for one reason... Tracie related things. :) (Although if you have something else to say once in awhile, feel free. We're not crazy. LOL.)
2. This goes without saying, but obviously this is a place for Tracie's fans. Anything negative will be deleted - and likely so will the person who posted it. You are entitled to your opinion, but take it elsewhere. :)
3. No discussing Tracie's personal life in any way, shape or form. Work only!

That's about it.. just enjoy... share info... meet new people... have fun! :)


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